flower dome 1

Travel Snapshots: Gardens By The Bay, Flower Dome

Sometimes the heat gets to me in Singapore.  But that doesn’t mean I want to give up on spending time outdoors!  That is why I love Gardens By The Bay, the park experience made up of a variety of garden exhibits situated along Marina Bay.  The Flower Dome is the largest and as the name […]


Time-Sucks: How To Quit Wasting Time

We all wish we had more time to complete life’s responsibilities.  And if you don’t, well then you need to get a hobby.  Seriously though, sometimes it seems like there is so much to do and no earthly way possible to complete it all.  This is particularly concerning if, like me, you work from home […]


Alice + Olivia Spring 2014 Ad Campaign

It is funny—I loathe watching commercials, but love getting carried away by a magazine ad.  Or, more specifically, I adore fashion and beauty campaigns.  This is probably because commercials feel like interruptions, where as fashion and beauty ads are often as lovely as the editorial shoots they bookend.  I really buy into the saying a […]

moving tips

Moving Tips From The Somewhat Obsessive

When we moved from the US to Singapore, we made the decision not to take our stuff with us.  Well, we took our summer wardrobes, our computers and a few other small key items, but that was it.  The home we had spent years building was packed up into boxes and stored—waiting for the day […]

OB-see by chloe - neutral everyday bag

Wish List: Neutral Everyday Bag

It is official: my neutral everyday bag is in need of replacing.  My current one has been through the ringer and is stained and worn almost beyond recognition.  Despite my best efforts, not even a professional cleaning can bring this one back from the dead. Can we have a moment of silence for it? **** […]