Singapore Travel Guide : Cultural Enclaves

Singapore Travel Guide: Cultural Enclaves

As promised I am dedicating this week to creating the North On Harper Singapore Travel Guide.  Hopefully you will appreciate the info here, and I will get an opportunity to reminisce before the big move. I want to start off with a bit of culture.  Singapore is a very interesting country, while it is only […]

OB-Monday Mentions 3

Monday Mentions: Volume 3

So I disappeared last week following Monday Mentions.  I hope no one’s world was shattered.  But it was for a good reason.  In fact it has to do with the news I alluded to in that post.  Are you ready?  Okay here it is: I am moving!  And no, I don’t mean to another apartment.  […]


Monday Mentions: Volume 2

Happy Monday!  Things have been crazy around here the past couple of weeks…but unfortunately I can’t explain why just yet.  Don’t you hate when bloggers do that??? I know, I do!  So forgive me, and instead let’s focus on the little tidbits I have compiled for this week’s Monday Mentions. First off let’s talk productivity.  […]

2014 autumn/winter Love Magazine

Adriana Lima Covers LOVE Magazine

The 2014 Autumn/Winter LOVE Magazine covers have hit newsstands!  I always look forward to seeing these covers because of LOVE’s penchants for truly high fashion shoots.  Not surprisingly, the image that seems to be catching the most attention is of Kendell Jenner in nothing but a fur hat.  But that isn’t the cover I want to […]


Mary Jo Matsumoto 3 Day Flash Sale

I love the opportunity to share great deals with you.  Especially when they are sneak peeks. Even more so, I love when I can share something special from a fantastic source.  And today, this is exactly what I have for you. Handbag designer Mary Jo Matsumoto has been kind enough to share an early viewing […]