Are You Ready For Some Football?

The air is crisp (well if a high of 83* in West Hollywood is crisp).  The leaves are changing colors.  The days are getting shorter.  It must be time for football!!!!

Now I am just as passionate about college football (Let’s Go SEMINOLES!!!!) as I am about the NFL (Let’s Go STEELERS!!!!), which is a rarity.  I know not everyone shares my passion (obsession?!).  However, enjoying football isn’t for the diehards alone.  Football can be entertaining for the laymen- if they understand the game.

So I am going to use weekends as time to post football basics and need-to-know elements.  By season’s end you may no bleed your team’s colors- but you will now be able to spend your Saturdays and Sundays (and Thursday and Monday evenings) trash talking at your neighborhood bar.  Just don’t come to mine in UF colors- I may have to fight you!

My friend Katie and I doing some tailgating. Let's Go STEELERS!


  1. Nothing sexier then a girl that understands a little football. Am I allowed to use the word Sexier on this blog? If not, please substitute nicer for sexier when you read this. I apologize to the FCC for any mix-ups. Go Giants!!!

  2. wow Lukus… hahaha!
    im praying right now that you will use this opportunity to convert people into Steelers fans.

  3. MoonOverGeorgia says:

    GOOOOOO COWBOYS!!!! Unless you watched their game last sunday in which case. Our real season starts this weekend!

  4. MoonOverGeorgia says:

    PS I love our picture

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