Baby, it’s HOT outside…

It is late September.   Throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere people are donning scarves, watching the leaves change, and enjoying some crisp cool weather.  Here in Los Angeles, not so much.  In fact we reached an all time high today of 113* Fahrenheit (that’s 45* Celsius to the rest of the world).  Seriously September 27, 2010 is going on record as the hottest day EVER in Los Angeles (for those of you in the valley scoffing: this is the hottest within LA city limits… what you people go through just isn’t natural!).  Needless to say that instead of experiencing autumn, we’re experiencing heat stroke.
With that in mind, here are 5 ways to beat the heat:

  • Beach/ Pool:  Everyone piles in the car and heads west as soon as the thermometer reads sweltering.  Don’t have a beach nearby?  Try your local pool- it’s probably much cleaner than the Pacific anyways!
  • Movies: Its cool, its dark and its entertaining.  In fact this is what Lukus and I did to stay cool today.  (We saw the Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole– recommend!)
  • Museums:  Like the movies, museums tend to be well air-conditioned.  They are also educational.  So grab a friend take in some art.  Many cities also have natural history museums, science museums and aquariums.
  • Shopping:  Get your holiday shopping out of the way now and hit up your local (indoor) mall.  Even if you don’t have cash to spend, do some window-shopping and enjoy the cool air.
  • Ice Cream Social: Call up all your friends and have everyone purchase a tub of ice cream.  Meet up at the home with the best a/c bring some board games and let loose!  This will surely bring back memories of being a kid while making the heat a little more tolerable.

This pool looks so inviting...

What are your favorite activities when the heat is simply unbearable?


  1. happymother says:

    Lucky you-still summer !!! During our summer in Italy we went almost every day swimming, pool or lake.We had sometimes 46 *celsius, but I do love staying in a cool house ! Hot peppermint tea helps a lot!!

  2. brandonchristopher says:

    Heard about this on the news and felt for u guys…but then again, welcome to my world…this past summer in NY was brutal! LOL

  3. today was our first chilly day in the ATL. i had to turn on my seat warmers on my way to school!
    but when its hot out (even though this is a total waste of energy) i like to open the freezer door and just stand there…soaking in the cold. 😀

  4. I guess I can’t complain! Compared to Germany, NY and Atlanta the weather in LA is very mild!

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