Everything In Its Place

Usually after a trip you need a few days just to recover from your vacation before jumping into normal life.  This feels especially true today as I am still under the weather and consequently lacking any level of motivation.  Fortunately I am a organized person (some may call it anal) so despite the feet dragging, normalcy is just around the corner.

So what are some of my organization secrets?

  • Create a “Landing Strip”- Not sure what that is?  Check out Apartment Therapy and read the book Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure.  Life Changing!
  • Grocery Lists/ Weekly Menus- Serious weekly grocery lists that correspond with a weekly dinner menu will change your life.
  • Color Coordinated Calendar- Lukus’ work blue, birthdays & special dates in red, joint events green, etc. etc. etc.
  • Create a Financial System- Do you know what you spend on Groceries? Gas? Create a budget.  Stick to it. Create a savings plan, pay off debt & change your life.  Seriously.
  • Plan- Create a plan of attack when you have a lot going on.  It may take a few extra minutes in the front end, but in doing so you will save both time and sanity.

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I am going to try and delve into each of these categories as times goes by…. but, until then what are some other essentials to getting organized?


  1. Oh Alexis and your OCD! Why do I find it so endearing?

  2. ^
    severely OCD.
    anal is an understatement.
    LOVE YOU!!

  3. happymother says:

    Thank you Alexis!!!
    It is so interesting, what your are writing! We have a lot of things in common…we are aries!!!

    Love you!

  4. brandonchristopher says:

    Loved this. I just created a financial plan that is working out wonderfully!

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