Moving On Up

We just had some new neighbors move into our building.  I met one of them as he was lugging boxes from the van to the apartments and needless to say I wasn’t remotely jealous of his situation.  However it did get me thinking about the “How to” of moving.  Between Lukus and myself, we have both done some moving in our time.  Pulling from those experiences I have assembled a list of the top 5 things to do when moving.

  • Secure the moving van/ company in advance and any additional permits you may need (both at your current and future residence!).  Also, make sure you have cold water/ non-alcoholic beverages for those assisting you at both locations as well as directions to your new address.
  • Purchase more than enough packing supplies and get finished packing early.  Ideally all boxes should be cataloged and labeled.  Doing this makes things easier to find when unpacking and helps to avoid the “oh no, I ran out of tape/boxes/newspaper/etc.” on moving day.  By the time the movers/ friends arrive to help everything should be packed.
  • Have all of your essential utilities (water, power, gas) setup on the day before you move into your new home. Everything else I save for move in day.  As I will spend the second half of move-in day unpacking at my new place, I schedule all other appointments (cable, phone) for the afternoon window.  That way, by the time I go to bed that night I can watch my favorite show, call my mom and check my email.
  • Spend the time during the week leading up changing your address with the bank, credit card companies, any and all bills and magazine subscriptions.  Send out an email to family and friends letting them know your new address (and home phone number, if it isn’t making the move with you) and have your mail forwarded to your new home.
  • Start packing now!  If at all possible start packing at least a month out.  Set a goal of at least one box a day.  By the day before your move the only remaining items should fit in an overnight pack or be furniture.  This ensures a much faster and more peaceful moving day.

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  1. You forgot #6. Go out of town the day of the move so your husband can do it on his own. I love that one!

  2. brandonchristopher says:

    LOL Lukus! When I moved everyone was conveniently out of town…but wait, that included you too! LOL Just Kidding!


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