On The Defensive

As promised this is a football blog! WooHoo! Yea!  Pfew- sorry, football season gets me pumped!  Last week got things going with a bang.  FSU lost to an Oklahoma offense that was just too much for them to handle.  The defense was mostly to blame for this loss.  Some of this may be due to FSU’s defense change from man-to-man to zone coverage this year.  This change has been challenging for the Seminoles to make.  Excuses aside, this challenge provides us with today’s football lesson: man-to-man vs zone defenses.

Man-to-Man is what it sounds like.  Each member of the defense is assigned a member of the offense to cover.  The method makes sure each player on the offense is tightly covered.  It also allows for the defense to be more aggressive, as players know their target.  A drawback to this style is that it makes it difficult for the defense to help each other out and ultimately exposes the weaker defenders allowing the offense to make moves.

Zone defense requires the linebackers and defensive backs to cover different areas of the field.  The benefit of course is that the field as a whole is protected.  It also allows players to help each other out and to focus their energies where most needed.  On the other hand, because zone coverage is not as tight as man-to-man, an offense can design plays that ensure some receivers are open on the field.


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