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Tonight I am lending my home out for a friend’s birthday party.  There is very little expected of me beyond getting parking passes, providing some serving dishes and a clean environment, but it got me thinking about the elements that make a good party.

I think my parents both naturally have the hospitality gene.  As I mentioned earlier, their home is warm and welcoming.  But it doesn’t stop there!  In his professional life my father is a distinguished hotelier, while my mother is the consummate host.  Fortunately I am at the age where I not only recognize my parents’ value, but also am humble enough to ask their advice. Namely, what makes a successful party?

I asked, they answered and here are their words of wisdom:

  • Create an Environment that is warm, authentic and peaceful.  As the host you should not run around or have a frazzled edge.  This makes guests feel uneasy.  Instead give yourself plenty of time to prepare so that your attention can shift once your guests arrive.
  • Appeal to all the senses.  The colors you use, candles, flowers music and food/ alcohol all contribute to creating a welcoming environment.  Allow all of these items to be characters in the event’s story.
  • Make sure that you welcome your guests warmly (be it with a hug or smile) and that when it’s time to go you give them a fond farewell.
  • Finally, a successful party must be topped off with a great deal of laughter.  So make sure to enjoy the moment.

A party can be warm- be there 2 guests or 200!


  1. I agree with all these statements!!!

  2. brandonchristopher says:

    Totally agree!

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