Temporarily Indisposed

One of my friends is about to have serious surgery on his ankle that will leave him unable to stand for several months.  Literally zero weight on his ankle. Now Robert is not one to embrace a sedentary existence, instead he is very much the life of the party.  In fact, at Lukus’ and my wedding celebration Robert was perhaps the king of revelry- dancing and laughing with everyone!

Robert taking a break from dancing at Lukus' and my wedding reception.

So of course I feel completely awful for Robert.  Being the vivacious individual he is, this undoubtedly feels like a life sentence. He has joked that the judges of Top Chef would critique his ankle saying, “the saffron color emits hues of gentle warmth with the notes of a bitter autumnal mulberry but as a whole, the foot just didn’t compliment the flavor profile,” followed by the ceremonious “pack your knives and go.”

His depiction of the situation has inspired me to cook dinner for him once a week.  Additionally, I want to assemble a list for Robert of the things to do when you can’t do anything.

Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Scrapbook.  Now is the time to make a record of your many great adventures.
  2. Read the entire Dune series. Science Fiction?  Yes. Dorky? No.  Plus there are about a million of them.
  3. Record Your Personal Memoirs.  So what if your story is missing some danger?   Just make it up, a la James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces.
  4. Become a professional mattress tester.  Someone’s got to do it.  Why not you?
  5. Get a job telemarketing.  This way you are assured human contact and a paycheck.

I am accepting additions/ modifications to this list.  What activities would you suggest to someone who is temporarily indisposed?  Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section!


  1. Two words… Binoculars!!!

  2. MoonOverGeorgia says:

    All 7 seasons of the Office, oh and night vision that way he has day and night covered, if he can’t sleep. Hope he recovers quickly….he needs to be up and dancing again!

  3. What a handsome fella! This really means a lot and cheered me up immensely.

  4. im gonna just take a shot in the dark… ironhuff is Robert? haha
    hope all goes well!
    watch every episode of lost and/or dexter (shoot for “and”).

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