The Big Picture

One of the greatest challenges I have in putting together an “adult” home is the introduction of artwork.  This is especially hard if you are working with a tight budget (like we are!).  When the art you can actually afford is limited to the mass-produced ‘art’ found in any chain store’s home décor department, finding your unique voice can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, there is hope!  The answer: photographs.  Now, I am not talking about littering your wall with 27 minute picture of you doing shots with your friends- instead I suggest a more dramatic (ahem, mature) statement.  Take a photo- one with the highest level of resolution and blow it up.  Blow it up BIG.

A view of our kitchen.

In our home we used a photograph taken by the lovely and talented Sidney Bensimon and hung it on our kitchen wall.  The photograph is the dinner table from our wedding.  Our kitchen is laid back and I like the juxtaposition with the photo’s formal setting.  It also works because it ties the kitchen colors together.  Plus it is a great conversation piece when we have guests over.

The result:  A dramatic, personal piece of art at a pittance of what you can expect for a custom piece of art.  This is especially true because you can print at a variety of price points and then either build your own frame, mount it on foam core or purchase a ready made frame- resulting in a negligible cost (assuming you own the rights to the photo!).

Now I will admit.  Lukus and I did go for the custom framing, which is a pricier option.  However, because the printing was so cheap and we had coupons to our neighborhood framer, we were still able to pull off a striking effect for at the fraction of the cost of purchasing a piece of art at this size (the above photo measures 48 x 36 inches).


  1. Fairygodmommy says:

    Not sure why you don’t have the picture of all of us sitting at the table throwing flower petals framed instead…

  2. It’s a statement

  3. oh my gosh! it turned out so well!

  4. brandonchristopher says:



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