The Perfectly Dark Abyss

In my first entry I promised that the details of my life would emerge as we progress.  Wait for it, wait for it… I am a tremendous control freak.  I like to be my (and ideally the) best at everything.  I blame my German father, who not only set the perfectionist bar high, but also provided half of my genetic makeup.

Let me begin by telling you how I spent 30 minutes of my day: I planned the recording schedule for my DVR for the fall 2010 TV lineup.  People, this was/ is essential!  Fall show premieres are upon us!  So, I created a calendar of the shows I want recorded (day, time, network) conscious to avoid conflicts as the season gets underway.  I’ll admit it, this is a little sick.  Some doctors may even classify it as OCD.  Luckily for me, my husband, Lukus, finds these elements endearing (or at least some of the time, the rest of the time he practices patience/minor irritation).

So, why am I telling you this?  Well to tell you about my place.  A natural transition of course!  Lukus and I live in West Hollywood in a 2 bedroom, 1 ½ bath townhouse style apartment.  We have lived in our apt about a year now and we are very happy here.  Only problem:  not a single room is complete.  Now, I am not talking “oh, a room is constantly evolving” unfinished, but instead “our rooms lack lighting, pieces of furniture and art” unfinished.  This is an area of deep seeded shame for me.

The reason nothing is finished is because I want our place to be beautiful (aka perfect).  I know, EVERYONE wants their home to be beautiful, but I have a subscription to both House Beautiful and Elle Décor, darn it!  Not that this makes me better than anyone else.  I have no professional experience or designs (ha!) for such.  I just grew up in a home that was very attractive and it made people want to spend time there and now I desperately want the same things in our place.  Of course it is just a rental and we don’t have a huge budget, but I do have plans.

So for now, my home is unfinished.  I can’t help but wish for a bit more of a free spirited approach or at least that we won’t be in the same poorly lit cave a year from now.  So with that I am setting a goal:  Within the next 30 days I will finish a room.  There.  I wrote it.  Consider my name signed in blood.

Here are some DARK abyss images from our living room:


  1. haha- im proud of you for being honest.
    good work!

  2. I come from the seed of Hippies so I vote for the free spirited approach. And “minor irritation” is not in my vocabulary. I am all smiles!!!

  3. MoonOverGeorgia says:

    Beautiful Room… I would like to spend time in it :) Miss you two… and we will be talking about this fall schedule

  4. Fairygodmommy says:

    Ha HA! Finally got in. OK, this is a good start, but put up some pics of the rest of the house so I can get an idea for the table, PLEASE!!!

  5. brandonchristopher says:

    LOVE those pillows and the curtains! (But then again I am partial to them cuz I was there when U bought them and when they were hung)

  6. hahaha- yes you were Brandon! We have a great piece of art that we are going to hang over the sofa… just saving up to get it framed!


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