A Papered Home

I really like my apartment.  As far as rentals go, it’s pretty swell.  However, one complaint I do have is our inability to really express some style and personality through paint and/or wallpaper.  Unfortunately that is a big no-no here.  Part of me is tempted to try the temporary wallpaper, but then there is the part where I’ve got to get Lukus to help hang it (and eventually take it down).  So for now that is not going to happen.

But I still really, really love wallpaper.  Not your grandma’s English Rose and Ivy paper with matching borders, but the fantastically awesome contemporary motifs that are popping up all over the place!  Ideally I would paper our small half bath.  Right now it roughly resembles a cell.  With paper I feel it could be pretty awesome.  Unfortunately, this is not in the cards right now.  So instead I will just pine over these images from Elle Décor and Metropolitan Home.  Why don’t you join me?

Eclectic Bathroom in Manhattan.

Contemporary Striped Bathroom.

Metallic Floral Bathroom.

Black and White Bathroom.

Nature Inspired Bathroom.

Want more info on these lovely bathrooms?  Check them out in the Elle Décor Lookbook.


  1. i feel you on this one. i love wallpaper. i want to wallpaper a CLOSET. right?! am i right?! how cute and boutique-y.

    ahhhhh, to be a home-owner.


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