Are You Going To Eat THAT?!

My lovely husband Lukus HATES to go grocery shopping.  And because it is no longer 1952, I am not simply going to accept this as the woman’s job.  I believe in equality and I hate it equally.  Unfortunately, we cannot only shop at the farmer’s market we do have to hit up the traditional brick and mortar store for certain items.

Part of Lukus’ animosity towards shopping is because he has junk food eyes that leave him craving all kinds of processed, refined “food” products.  However, recently Lukus has become more concerned with the quality of food he consumes.  Meanwhile I am just embracing the health food path left by my forefathers (or in my case a sugar hating, organic loving, mother).

So here are some tips that we are trying to incorporate in to our lives:

  • Whole-wheat flour in place of white flour.  Whole-wheat flour contains significantly more antioxidants, fiber and nutrients than its white counterpart.  In fact, white flour is void of nutrition and is simply recognized as sugar in the body.  Consequently it not only effects blood sugar levels, but can also contribute to unhealthy weight gain.  This rule goes for rice as well- opt for the brown instead of the white!
  • Skip the pre-made and make it yourself.  Have you looked at the ingredients in a boxed side dish?  First the sodium tends to be through the roof, second half the ingredients were created in a lab- not in nature.  I know they are time savers, but the pay off is not worth it.  Besides, real macaroni and cheese is so much better than the box.
  • Replace sodas, flavored waters and other sugar beverages with water.  This is such an easy adjustment and makes a world of difference.  Those drinks are empty calories and like the white bread, contribute to blood sugar issues that can eventually lead to diabetes.  Also, drinking more water is cleansing for an overworked digestive system.
  • Look for leaner protein options.  Obviously choosing proteins that are lower in fats and calories is a wise decision.  This does not have to be a flavor killer!  One of our favorite substitutions is using ground bison in place of ground beef when making burgers.
  • Plan your meals ahead.  Know what you are eating for your meals and your snacks.  If you plan ahead you are less likely to grab something to satisfy an unhealthy craving.  Instead of a bag of chips grab some almonds and carrots to snack on.  As I mentioned I am incredibly anal, so I plan out meals for the entire week ahead.


  1. You are so right Alexis. You can make real mash potatoes and use chicken broth instead of butter, make your own great salad dressings with flavored vinegars and herbs.

  2. happymother says:

    Very good! I totally agree- !!!

  3. The changes totally help in my overall body wellness. That and exercise make for a happy man. I do miss my boxed macaroni and cheese though! Oh, the fond memories we had. Good recommendations ironhuff. I like your mashed potato substitute. Alexis, write that one down.

  4. …but you CAN’T make your own funfetti cupcakes, alexis. this is the one exception to the home-made-is-better rule. BAM!

  5. ^wags, you make a good point.
    and i know for a fact lukus agrees.
    alexis- reminds me of home 😛

  6. brandonchristopher says:

    Wonderful tips. I think it is great to eat carefully and make great choices! BUT, sometimes and I do mean sometimes, I just have a “little” taste of something that might have brought me happiness at some time and I think it’s ok…

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