Eerie Artwork

I mentioned earlier this week that my favorite aspect of Halloween is being frightened.  I like to experience the emotional spectrum of a good Halloween scare:  Shock, terror and then (when I realize it was all just a prank) relief.  Art also has the ability to take you on an emotional roller coaster. Therefore, in honor of Halloween week, we are going to look at some haunting artwork that’s perfect for your home all year round.

"Bat Hanging on Branch" by Dreamery Studio. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4". Illustration printed on vintage book page.

I love this little print from Bat Hanging on Branch by Dreamery Sudio.  It is somehow both eerie and whimsical.  It is a smart piece and I could easily see it hanging in a library or office space.

"Skull, Blackbirds" by Lisa Bolin. 24"x 24" with 1.5" painted edge. Construction adhesive, acrylic and glaze on heavy canvas.

For me, abstract art is the epitome of emotion inducing art.  Skull, Blackbirds by Lisa Bolin is no exception.  It captures the viewer and while the subject matter may be spooky, I find this canvas an utterly absorbing statement piece.

"The Byproduct of Unintention" by Ashley Dietrich. 18" x 24". Acrylic on 3/4" thick gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides.

When I look at Ashley Dietrich’s The Byproduct of Unintention I can’t help but immediately think of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.  This raven is so tactile it would surely illicit conversation in any home.

"Foggy Morning/ White Fence Black Trees" by Keith Dotson. 10"x8". Photograph, Digital, Black and White.

Keith Dotson’s Foggy Morning/ White Fence Black Trees is so absolutely ghostly.  This photo is so effective, because it gets my thoughts churning, creating stories about the mist, the road and what lies beyond the fence and the trees.

"417 Untitled" by Mary Lea Bradley. 22" x 30". Acrylic on Paper.

Mary Lea Bradley’s 417 Untitled is hauntingly dreamy.  The colors and brushwork are a lovely juxtaposition of serenity and kinetic energy.


  1. Fascinating entry today! So timely! Thanks for the thought-provoking story! Beautiful. Love your blog!

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