Fly Me Away

As the temperature (slowly) dips I can’t help starting to think about the holidays.  From there, my heart races, as in serious palpitations.  Now this isn’t due to excitement, but a reaction to having to buy plane tickets for the holidays.  I love spending Christmas with my family.  I don’t love spending exorbitant amounts of money to get to them.  Somehow, I don’t think I am alone in this.

A great article addressing this is “Cheap Holiday Fares: It’s Now or (Almost) Never” by Samantha Bomkamp.  Additionally, check out the suggestions below to help you overcome airline tyranny!!!  It’s all about being flexible.

  • Flexible Dates: We aren’t going to be held to leaving on the 15th!  No, we are going to search for the 13th, 14th, 16th and 17th as well!  Most airline booking tools offer the ability to search outside of your desired dates.
  • Flexible Airlines:  Have an affinity to a certain airline?  I completely understand, I am the queen of brand loyalty.  However, if price drives your purchase maybe its time to look elsewhere- you never know who will be offering great deals.  Same is true for not automatically booking a roundtrip, but looking for the cheapest flight in each direction.
  • Flexible Airports:  In Los Angeles we have several smaller airlines.  Often it is cheaper to fly to/from one of these airports instead of LAX.  A secondary benefit is avoiding the crowds.
  • Flexible Flight Time:  Not everyone is as willing to catch a red eye and often there are deals to be had during off peak hours.  I know this can be challenging especially when moving across time zones, but just remember how much money you saved and your rest will be much more peaceful.

Photo by Ben Gibbs.


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