Golden Goods

As I previously mentioned, Lukus and I are slowly decorating our first home together.  I am all about creating an inviting, relaxing and sophisticated space.  One of my favorite ways of doing this is by introducing the color gold.  People will often shy  away from gold, because it can seem gaudy and extreme.  However, I believe, done properly gold is anything but pretentious.

The color gold suggests a sense of history, warmth and luxury.  It also evokes nature, especially in the autumn as the leaves change colors.  So instead of being severe, appropriately used gold is gentle and welcoming.  That is,  unless you upholster your sofa in lamé, in which case you should probably hire someone else to decorate.  Used sparingly, gold adds a sense of weight and can take a home from feeling cold and staged to convivial and lived-in.

Here is a list of accessories that may be perfect for introducing gold in to your home:

  • Decorative Jars:  We all have them.  Jars are perfect for holding knickknacks or housing collections.  These winged jars from Wisteria capture the ethereal quality of gold without being excessive.

Gold winged jars from Wisteria.

  • Beveled Mirror:  Want to introduce gold, but already displaying silver?  Check out this mirror at ZGallerie that incorporate both colors.  This mirror allows for gold to have a subtle introduction to your home.

Beveled Mirror at ZGallerie.

  • Lamp:  The drama of this Anthropologie lamp is unmistakable.  However this golden statement piece sends just the right message.

Golden Lamp from Anthropologie.

  • Tray:  This tray (from CSPost&Co and featured in Elle Décor) may be a bit more brass than gold, but it still has all the grandeur.  Best part about it? The beautiful tray doesn’t make you choose between form and function.

Tray featured in Elle Decor.

  • Dessert Plates: Who doesn’t love dessert?  Especially when served on these charming plates by West Elm.  They truly capture the organic and natural elements of gold.

Dessert Plates from West Elm.


  1. happymother says:

    I love this lamp!!! Great idea!

  2. brandonchristopher says:

    LOVE the plates!

  3. Why do we not have those winged jars?

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