I’ll Drink To That!

When Lukus and I first met we were working together at a restaurant/club here in Los Angeles.  He was a bartender and I was a server.  Cute, I know.  Fast forward to present day and Lukus is the General Manager of a club.

Often, because of his background, friends and family ask him for advice on how to stock/setup their home bars.  Lukus is quick to assist.  So I thought I would share that info with you.  I am all about exploiting the ones I love. 😉  Besides, a consummate host doesn’t just feed their guests- they wet their whistle as well.

Here are the essentials for a fully functioning home bar:

  • The liquor: vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whiskey.  These are the base alcohols for most mixed drinks.
  • Wine:  Stock a white and red option.
  • Triple Sec: A common citrus flavored liquor used for flavoring cocktails.
  • Cocktail Set: Consisting of a jigger, shaker, strainer and bar spoon.  These items help with the measuring, mixing, pouring and garnishing of cocktails.
  • Ice: Because who wants a tepid drink?
  • Garnish: Lemons, limes, cherries and olives should cover most drinks.
  • Glassware: Old fashioned (also known as a bucket), wine and cocktail (also known as martini) glasses are the bases of bar server ware.

Lukus mixing drinks on our honeymoon.


  1. A well set up bar is a must! Nothing is more fun then having people over and experimenting with a few of your own cocktails.

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