In Vino Veritas

The last two nights were wildly social for Lukus and I.   They were lively and full of great friends, great conversations, great food and great wine.  Mmmmm… great wine.  Now, I am not a wino, but I do appreciate a nice glass every now and again.  Auspiciously, our dinner guest this evening David Foss, is quite the wine connoisseur having earned his sommelier diploma.  I took advantage of his knowledge and was able to gather some advice for those of us less educated about wine.

David Foss, looking quite philosophical.

Things to consider when buying and drinking wine:

  • The best wines at the best price tend to be at small wine shops.  Don’t assume wine has to be expensive to be good or that all expensive wine is good.
  • The gunk at the bottom of your bottle does not mean that your bottle is bad.  It may be an old bottle or your bottle may be unfiltered and unfined, completely acceptable among higher end bottles.  The same is true for the crystals in white wine.
  • After opening, give your red wine at least 10 minutes to breathe.  Aroma does not determine quality.  Make sure you taste it before you decide if you want it.  For example, a left bank Bordeaux tends to smell like a cigar box, however this doesn’t mean it will taste like one.
  • There are two ways to look at wine pairings.  First, you can look to drink wines that contrast with a meal.  For instance a clean and crisp dry Riesling can work with a spicy Asian dish.  Or you can compliment the meal by doing a spicy Zinfandel, which will intensify flavors.
  • Serving wine with dessert?  Make sure the wine is sweeter than your dish.  Otherwise the dessert will over power your glass and you won’t be able to appreciate the flavor of the wine.

George Stojkovic /

Like the list?  Want more direction when choosing your wine?  David is going to give us a “wine of the week” recommendation on Sundays!!!  WooHoo!!! (I love my talented friends with skills I can exploit!)


  1. happymother says:

    Years ago, maybe 22 I tried a very good white wine at your parents house-it was from the mosel…,I loved that wine.
    Try sometimes a very good red wine- Pichonlongueville Grand Cru Classe ,my favorite red wine!
    I do appreciate once in a while a very good glass of wine.

  2. YAY! I’m currently having a delicious glass of wine myself. I’m a nut for going to wine shops and buying something I’ve never heard of to give it a go..but I’ll usually lean on the employees there who have the best tips on what’s awesome AND affordable. Maybe YOU aren’t a wino, but I AM; and I’m also a CHEAPO. :)

  3. Asking for recommendations is the way to go. Even David who is a big wine guy asks. You just can’t beat the knowledge of someone who does their job well.


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