Wine of The Week (3)

Have you all been enjoying this series?  I know I have!  Clearly I am getting the advice for purely selfish reasons, but please don’t tell our sommelier, David!

Well, David has found another great wine for us this week.  This one retails for about $25 and is well worth in.  David paints a great portrait of this wine, explaining, “This one’s like the girl in the teen movies.  At first she is awkward, poorly dressed and no one is attracted to her.  But given her a chance and you realizes she’s smoking hot.”  Wow.  Now that is a description! The wine in question is the 2006 Caduceus Merkin Vineyards “Chupacabra.” It has a strange name, an ugly bottle and while the grapes are from California the winery is in Arizona!  Seriously, Arizona!  This is a Cabernet and Syrah blend.  Give it a try!!

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