Wine of the Week (4)

Welcome to the latest installment of Wine of The Week!  I am really having fun being introduced to all of the unexpectedly yummy and well priced wines and I hope you are too!  Seeing that this is Halloween I wanted David to choose a wine that scared even him.  Once again, our resident sommelier did not disappoint.  In fact the description of this fermented grape beverage caused even me to shudder!

Here it is: a sparkling rose from New Mexico.   Ooohhh there I go quivering with fear again.  In fact, when I asked David for his description he said “this was one I really wanted to hate, I mean a non-vintage, rose from New Mexico?!”  But at the end of the day, NV Gruet Rose Brut is fresh and bright.  Plus it retails for under $15!  Guess there isn’t anything to be afraid of after all!

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