A Penchant For Pomegranate

We are well into Pomegranate season here in Southern California.  Typical the season runs from September through early February in the Northern hemisphere.  The unusual fruit is grown here in California, so you can’t go to a grocery store or farmers’ market without tripping over huge displays if this vitamin and antioxidant rich fruit.

Pomegranates have a rich history in the Arabian subcontinent, South Asia and along the Mediterranean Sea.  They are central to many recipes throughout the region and even play a role in Greek Mythology.  Today, the fruit is no longer limited to its short season as the juice is packaged and sold year round (although, I am a big proponent of eating seasonally!).

If you are unfamiliar with pomegranates they can be slightly intimidating.  How do you get into them?  And once you do, what part do you eat?  How do you prepare them?  However, if you are willing to take the plunge, pomegranates are a fun and healthy addition to your winter diet.

First, in order to get into the pomegranate, start by cutting off the crown of the fruit.  From there, cut the fruit into segments along the white membrane.  Separate the arils (the seed sacks) from the membrane.  This is the part you will eat.  From there, rinse off any of the remaining membrane.  The arils can be enjoyed raw- seeds and all!

Are you ready to begin enjoying the mystical fruit?  The flavor is mild and can be slightly tart.  You can start off easy by adding the arils to yogurts and salads.  However if you are ready to take the plunge try out Roast Chickens with Lebanese Rice and Pomegranate Jus– a perfect meal for a dinner party!  You can end your meal with this glamorous Pomegranate Chocolate Dessert.


  1. brandonchristopher says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE me some pomegranate! Thanks 4 giving it some space on your terrific blog…

  2. Those deserts look delicious!!! Why are they not on the kitchen counter right now?

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