Fashion History Gets Sketchy

Awhile ago I wrote a blog about timeless fashion (Why, Don’t You Look Iconic?!).  I really love the idea how some fashion does not have an expiration date.  What is even more fascinating is how individuals can remain chic for eternity.  Without question, Grace Kelly was and continues to be a true style icon.

Currently Christie’s auction house has several original sketches of Grace Kelly’s costumes in Rear Window and To Catch A Thief.  These sketches, drawn by the venerable costume designer Edith Head, depict some of the quintessential Grace Kelly impressions.  It would seem that based on Kelly’s own aesthetic, Alfred Hitchcock’s (who directed Kelly in both films) rigorous process and the incredibly talent Edith Head, a bit of fashion magic was made.

Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock discuss a scene while filming To Catch A Thief. Kelly is wearing a dress designed by Edith Head.

The auspicious costumier, Edith Head.

Check out the sketches that are both cinematic and design memorabilia:


  1. brandonchristopher says:

    I LOVE “old Hollywood” and I loved this piece…

  2. Brandon—
    you and me both…. I am all about the glamour!


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  2. […] Fashion History Gets Sketchy […]

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