Holiday Hospitality

Okay, consider this fair warning:  I am in LOVE with the holiday season, so for the next post expect a whole lot of holiday themed posts.  Even the posts that aren’t about the holiday’s themselves will somehow make reference to them.  As long as you can accept that then, by all means, continue reading!

With the holidays come extra guests.  Of course there are adjustments that need to be made in every room, but this is especially true in your guest sleeping quarters.  Lukus and I have a guest room/ office that is still being decorated (we are slightly indecisive!), but it is still important to make our guests feel comfortable.  Here are the things we take into consideration when we are expecting guests:

This Elegant Canopy Bed from Country Living. Photo by Jon Wayne Kishimoto

  • Clean:  I know, this is a given.  Or at least it should be!  But this is especially true in showers, bathrooms and in the guest sleeping area.  If the guests are sharing a bathroom with you (or another resident in your place) make sure soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc. are all neatly organized.  I am always super conscious not to leave my hairbrush out.
  • Lighting:  Check to confirm all the lights in the guestroom are working.  It is easy to forget to replace a bulb in a room that isn’t used regularly.  However, for a guest looking to read before bed or simply unpack their stuff, a well-placed lamp is very important.  Also, leaving a light on near the kitchen is always thoughtful!
  • Toiletries:  So you’ve kindly provided your guest with towels, but what about an extra toothbrush?  We’ve all forgotten things when traveling and your guests may as well!  Having a few backup items (razors, toothbrushes, etc) can be a lifesaver for your guests.
  • Food & Beverage:  Stock your fridge!  This doesn’t mean go crazy, but make sure you have the essentials: milk, eggs, coffee, juice, fruit and snacks…  While you may not be providing every meal at home, its nice for the guests to have something to snack on when they first arrive or mornings when they first wake up.  (Lukus uses the opportunity as an excuse to stock junk food!)
  • Books & Magazines:  No you don’t have to hit up your local Barnes & Noble.  Just leave some of your favorite well-read books or completed magazines by your guest’s bed.  If they’ve had to travel across time zones their sleeping patterns may be off and reading material is a welcome treat.  Then, send the book home with your guests so that they may finish it.


  1. happymother says:

    Long , long time ago I had the great opportunity to be a guest at the schulze family. Everything was there, I still remember the great time. Would love to be your guest !!!

  2. You are always welcome to be my guest!!! You were a wonderful host to me in Bergamo, Italy!

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