It’s A Wrap

I dragged Lukus out for some Black Friday shopping so that we could knock out some of Christmas gifts.  And I am going to be honest—I am planning to do some online shopping today (Cyber Monday) as well!  As I check names of our list it becomes clear that these gifts have got to get wrapped as well.  Unfortunately, my wrapping skills are limited.  My corners are never crisp, the ends bulge inappropriately and I over use tape. On the other hand Lukus is an excellent wrapper, so he gets stuck wrapping all of the gifts.

This isn’t to say I give up control completely.  I like to plan the “look” of the gifts.  For me a stylish package is half the fun!  After all, they add to the holiday décor and seem so much more special to open.  So, I have begun my hunt for inspiration for this year’s packaging theme.  I know I don’t want something that screams “CHRISTMAS,” instead I am going for something more elegant (knowing full well my little nephews and nieces will not appreciate it, but my mother will!).

Here are a few photos I am looking at for inspiration.

This image from Real Simple's "21 Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas" is festive without hitting you over the head with the traditional.

Elle Decor's "Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas" shows you how to take plain metallic paper to the next level.

The vintage feel of this package from Anthropologie is almost too pretty to open!

All you need to recreate this beautiful paper from Country Living's "Gift Wrapping Ideas You'll Want To Steal" are some crayons, tissue paper and an iron.

Of course Martha Stewart has some fantastic gift wrap ideas. This woodgrain effect is the perfect compliment to your Christmas tree.

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