Last Minute Considerations

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year: do you realize it is TUESDAY and the holiday is THURSDAY.  Doesn’t that just incite heart palpitations?!  Hopefully by now the guests are invited, the menu is set and groceries are purchased (seriously— if you haven’t already, go to the grocery store now!  I just had to fight a blue-hair for the last sugar, my mother would not be proud).  Assuming all this is finished don’t exhale yet, there are a few more details to consider before serving the turkey.

Photo by Alan Richardson for Country Living.

  1. A Home For Coats & Bags: Do you know where you are storing guests’ things?  If you don’t have a coat closet or rack consider leaving coats and bags on your bed.  Just remember to clean your room just as you would any other common area so that guests don’t feel like they are intruding.
  2. Clean Hands: Don’t forget to set out soap and guest towels in the bathroom.  I also like to light a candle in our half bath whenever we have guests.  Remember, if the bathroom guests use is also one where you brush your teeth put the personal toiletries away for your get together.  Like your bedroom a bathroom should not feel like a private space to the guests.
  3. Assign Seats: While this may not be necessary for a group of 6 or less, assigning seats for larger groups avoids a big to-do when it comes time to sit down. It is also traditional to separate couples.  This promotes new conversations and new friendships to develop and allows people to get to know one another as individuals.
  4. Set The Mood: Make sure you have a play list and some candles ready to go.  Nothing kills conversation more than the chirping of crickets and doctor’s office lighting.  Make sure the music is mood appropriate and widely acceptable.  Lukus is in charge of this detail at our home and he swears that every play list needs safe staples: The Rolling Stones and Counting Crows (I am sure being labeled safe would have both these bands reeling!).  As for lighting, go for unscented candles around food and a subdued scent in other areas.
  5. Doggie Bags: Especially when there is food certain to be left over, plan ahead with clever to-go containers!  Whether using restaurant style boxes or reusable storage containers, know how you are going to send food home with guests.  This avoids to many leftovers at your own home or making guests feel like an imposition.  Ultimately your hips will thank you for not keeping all of the remaining pie!


  1. happymother says:

    Last week we’ve celebrated arun’ and david’s birthday together. We invited about 50 people and everything was well organized.I also like to light a candle in the bathroom…! The only problem was the music, our guests were talking and talking, after some time finally dancing. Don’t forget the help, I had a wonderful lady !

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