Pack it Up!

So I just got back from a trip to New York.  It was a quick trip- I flew in Sunday and out Wednesday.  And, while I loved being in New York, I hate the actual act of traveling.  Of course there is the challenge of finding a great price.  But it’s the packing, abiding by the travel restrictions, lugging everything to and through the airport and the extra up charges that have the capacity to leave me frazzled.  In hopes of alleviating some of that stress here are some tips to making packing work for you!

Replace your outdated suitcases (no matter how stylish!) with more traveler friendly ones! Try finding carry-on friendly versions.

  • Pack clothing of a similar color palate.  By packing clothing that can be mixed and matched you don’t need as much.  This is great news, because we all are chasing after that elusive carry-on only trip.  After all, who wants to spend money to check a bag?
  • Embrace travel size and dry/solid products.  It seems every time I fly TSA is more and more strict about the liquids I want to bring onboard.  So instead of fighting them I use this as an opportunity to try out products I have been interested in.  This, in conjunction with dry product options (such as shampoo) is another great way to ditch the checked bag for the carry-on.
  • Roll your clothes.  This is a great technique that really accomplishes two packing goals. First, it saves space: rolled clothing ultimately takes up less space than folded.  Second, if done properly this can help reduce wrinkles.  This is fantastic when you won’t be able to/ want to have things laundered at your destination.
  • Store important travel info in your email.  This includes flight info, confirmation numbers, passport or ID information, and addresses of where you are staying as well as all corresponding phone numbers.  Things happen, purses get stolen, papers get misplaced and luggage gets lost.  By storing all necessary info on a web-based email account makes overcoming these obstacles much smoother.
  • Don’t do anything with out making a list.  How awful is it when you reach your destination only to realize you didn’t pack the appropriate amount of socks?  Or that your clothing doesn’t work with your activities?  While a list may seem tedious in the front end it ensures that you have everything you need for your trip.  The bonus is that when you get ready to return a list prevents you from leaving anything behind!

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