Sensational Suzani

A great bedroom with vintage Suzani tapestries from Elle Décor.

My sister Brook is getting married next summer. Justin, her fiancé, has a house that she’ll be moving into.  Only problem, the place is rumored to be lacking any sort of (ahem) style.  (Sorry Justin!!! But the quintessential bachelor pad black leather sofas aren’t exactly claiming the cover of Elle Décor!) No fear, big sister is here.  Or at least I have been trying to help Brook come up with design plans from across the country!

One thing we both love are Suzani style textiles.  These embroidered fabrics with medallion patterns are as rich in color as they are in history.  The technique originated in Central Asia and is characterized by its buttonhole stitches.  The oldest remaining examples are from the 18th Century, but the style is probably much older.  Brook is an artist and she is looking for a creative, fun space that isn’t too feminine.  I feel like introducing some Suzani will do just the trick!

Check out these great Suzani products at every price point, click on the image for more information:

Suzani style Tablecloth from Dwell Studio For Target.

Suzani Tote by Etsy seller Decorative Instincts.

Suzani Jacquard Pillow by Etsy Seller Thieverie.

Suzani Flat Woven Wool Rug by Cost Plus/World Market.

Suzani Upholstered Ottoman by Wisteria.


  1. happymother says:

    Beautiful design, I like your taste!!!

  2. Justin Stark says:

    “The place is rumored to be lacking any sort of (ahem) style”
    What are you talking about sis? You said it yourself?
    “Quintessential Bachelor Pad” That was the Style I was going for haha. It’s the “Man Cave” for sure: Big Plasma TV, black leather couches and a stereo system than could knock over a toddler when the bass hits. But ya Brookie is slowly adding her own little touches to the living room, and eventually the man cave will move into well…. a cave (the basement ) once she gets some new couches for the living room.
    I will say however in defense of the “Man Cave” that Mr. Schulze comes right in on a regular basis, sits down and watches TV, only leaving after several requests from Mrs. Schulze who is waiting at the door. HAHA. He has mentioned several times how comfortable the living room is, but Brookie has also been trying to teach me that Comfort isn’t always stylish hahaha.

  3. OH Justin, don’t you know? My dad just wants to watch shows that he isn’t allowed to watch at home…. 😉

  4. Justin Stark says:

    I’m sure his occasional cold beer upon arrival does not hurt things either haha…

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