Stuffed To The Brim

I am a carboholic and despite being well versed in the gluten-free movement (and actually being a fan of it!) Thanksgiving forces me to give up all my food tenets and embrace gluttony.  One of my favorite foods to fill my belly with is stuffing.  Yum.  Lukus agrees, so adamantly that earlier this week he threatened to boycott stuffing if it wasn’t prepared the way he remembers from childhood (clearly childhood may still be upon him!).  While I do not have the particulars on that dish (that doesn’t fall under my jurisdiction), I have collected a variety of stuffing recipes that may tickle your taste buds.

    Bread stuffing

    (photo by Glenn Gutierrez via Flickr)

  1. Classic Stuffing:  Brought to you by none other than the Martha Stewart (I am pretty sure she has the market cornered on the classics), this stuffing contains onion, celery, parsley and bread crumbs.
  2. Oyster Stuffing:  Okay, maybe something good does come from New England (Based on their sports teams, I’ve been having my doubts!)!  Bacon and oysters… my mouth is already salivating.
  3. Apple & Sausage Stuffing:  There is nothing basic about this sweet and spicy stuffing.  Plus the apples give it a distinctive autumn flavor, perfect for a Harvest based celebration.
  4. Wild Mushroom & Spinach Stuffing:  If you are doing Tofurkey bird this year give this stuffing a try.  The wild mushrooms give it a meaty flavor, sans the meat.  Just remember to sub vegetarian broth for chicken broth.
  5. Cornbread & Chorizo Stuffing:  Wanting a slightly more unique flavor?  This one combines classic Southern corn bread with Spanish chorizo for a big burst of flavor.

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