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Like most couples, when Lukus and I were looking for our first place we had a list of wants/must haves.  And, although we live in sunny Los Angeles, Lukus desperately wanted a fireplace.  In fact, not just any old fireplace, Lukus wanted a wood burning one (something about chopping the logs and being a man…).  Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), letting go of this dream was a compromise he ended up having to make.

I never really considered this a loss.  After all, I got my wood floors!  That is until last winter came around and regardless of the weather outside, I had a deep desire to curl up in front of a crackling fire with a cup of hot chocolate.  Now, as we move into mid-November, that feeling is back and no, our living room did not give birth to a magical fireplace.  Darn.  Instead, I have resigned myself to cozying up the images below.

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"A Tranquil Townhouse in Alabama" by Mimi Read for House Beautiful, photo by Thomas Loof.

Great kitchen fireplace, image from Elle Decor.

Painted fireplace surround from Elle Decor's "Great Escapes," photo by William Waldron.

Christine Pittel's "A Rustic and Natural L.A. Kitchen" for House Beautiful, photo by Reed Davis.

Traditional living room from Elle Decor, April 2007, photo by Simon Upton.


  1. brandonchristopher says:

    I just purchased an electric fireplace/TV stand. I know it is not the same as a real fireplace but it warms up lovely and creates a wonderful ambiance…

  2. Brandon-
    we’ve been eyeing a table top fireplace that is really gorgeous. It may end up being a Christmas present to ourselves! I am sure yours is quite cozy!!

  3. Nothing says “I’m a MAN” more then chopping your own firewood.

  4. I missed this one! LOVE LOVE LOVE the outdoor fireplace above!

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