A Difference of Christmas

I’ve spoken a lot about my love of Christmas, but the reality is: I have a dirty little secret.  Lukus and I have completely opposing views of what Christmas should be like.

In his perfect world, there are multi-colored lights, tinsel and cut out Santas.  His idea of Christmas has an overall kitschy feel.  On the contrary, I am a strong believer in white lights, a sophisticated color palate and simplicity.  We have spent much of our relationship arguing about this very issue (we actually started dating around Christmas, so I believe the white lights vs. multi-colored lights was one of our very first fights!).

Fortunately, this year we reach a consensus.  We would each decorate our own room.  Here are a few images that capture our decorating styles:

Lukus’ Christmas Room:

(Dancing Reindeer and Mrs Claus— should Santa be worried?)

(Santa hanging from a chimney— hope he doesn’t fall!)

(Note the multi-colored lights and the Santa plastered door.)

(The floating ornaments are one of my favorite projects.)

(A center piece of candles and ornaments: all gold, silver, white and crystal)

(Framed gift wrap and a bowl full of white lights are both simple yet sophisticated touches.)

Do you and your spouse/ significant other/ roomie debate Christmas decor?  What side do you fall on: white lights or multi-colored?


  1. happymother says:

    I definitely like your style- but I like your compromise…

  2. Justin Stark says:

    Love This!!! Brook and I had the same discussion when we got our tree last week. Lukus and I have the same style, I wanted to go with the color christmas light bulbs, and Brook wanted to go with the white. We agreed to alternate years,so i gave her the first year and even though i severly doubt there will be colored lights on the tree next year, thats the plan haha. But tell Lukus I did get my 4800 bulbs on the outside of the house (even if they are white icecle lights).

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