Booties On A Budget

I am not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am significantly shorter than my husband, Lukus.  As in at least 7 inches (it depends on how tall I am claiming to be that day).  Not surprisingly I like a good shoe with a heel.  I’m especially a fan of the bootie.  It’s great with a dress, a skirt, with a legging or super skinny pant and even with a pair of shorts!  Very versatile.  Which is great for me, because my closet isn’t nearly large enough to adequately fit my wardrobe dreams.  These booties also come in a great big price range, which means while I may covet Jimmy Choo’s Faxon Mixed Material Ankle Boot (it retails for a cool $1,450- but it’s on sale for “only” $1,014.99 on, I can still find great looking boots in my price range!

Have your doubts?  Don’t think I have the shopping chops?  Check out the great looking booties I found below.  And they are all available for less than $150.

"Sallie Suede Bootie" by Calvin Klein, currently $89.99

Trouvé 'Focus' Bootie. Available at Nordstrom's for $139.99

Aldo's "Bregon" shoe is $120.

Boutique 9 "Olita" currently $128.80 at Bloomingdale's.

The Report "Bowie" is $89.99 on Piperlime.

(click on the image for purchasing info)

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