Christmas Eve Musts

It’s Christmas Eve and if you are like most people you still have about a million things to do.  Every year I vow to be on top of things, but it never seems to work out that way.  Let’s say by some Christmas miracle that I am able to finish everything on my personal list.  Well then there is inevitably a call from my mother, a plea for help from one of my sisters or a forgotten commitment from my husband (Lukus has been known to say “oh, I told [fill in the blank] we’d have them over for dinner tonight and you’d cook).  So of course, here I am at the eleventh hour with a list of things to do before running off to Christmas Eve church service., photo credit: Max Kim-Bee

Here is a list of things that often are forgotten until the last moment Christmas Eve:

Wrap (and in some cases Purchase!) Remaining Gifts: This can be a huge problem if you haven’t stocked up on the necessary supplies ahead of time.  Make sure all paper, bags, ribbon, tape and tags are purchased before the last drug store closes!

Bake Cookies For Santa: Whether they are for Santa, his elves or you and your family- cookies need to be baked today before your oven gets taken over by the Christmas dinner!  Check out my fantastic recipe for Chocolate Chips Cookies, this is on my “to do” list for today!

Defrost The Protein: Whether you are a Turkey or a Ham home (or in our case a Goose and braised Pork abode) if you have a protein meant to feed the masses still in your freezer you may be in trouble.  Ideally proteins are defrosted slowly in the fridge, but this process can take a couple days.  If you find yourself in a bind, the next best and significantly faster method is defrosting your protein in cold water.

Charge The Camera: It’s happened to the best.  They plan the perfect gift and now all that’s left is to capture the recipients face when it’s opened.  Don’t get caught with a dead camera.  Make sure all batteries are charged and that the camera is set out and ready to go at a moments notice.

Make Plans For Christmas Breakfast: Unless you have a breakfast Christmas tradition it is easy to forget about this meal.  After all there is so much to do in preparation for the BIG dinner.  At my parents house my older sister and her husband are picking up bagels and accoutrements.  This way there is no extra prep or making a mess in the kitchen.

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