Dazzling Details

There are about a million holiday parties right now and an equal number of gifts to buy, so budgets are tight.  And with 6 nephews and nieces as well as 5 siblings, Lukus and I are definitely counting our pennies!  That being said, I still want to look good when I go out.  I even may want to wear something a little festive!  Now, don’t be confused.  I will not be wearing a green and red sweater with appliquéd snowman riding a reindeer.  I am thinking more along the lines of a LBD with a sparkly necklace.  Of course with the strict finances I am not going to be blowing a ton of cash on serious jewels!  Instead, I have found a selection of festive jewelry- all under $50!  Maybe its time you bought yourself a present!

Robert Rose's "Sun Ray Deco Brooch" available at Lord & Taylor for $34.

Juicy Couture's "Snowflake Stud Earrings" available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $48.

Samantha House's "Asteroid Ring" available at Shopbop for $47.50.

Tinley Road "Three Layer Necklace" available at Piperlime for $48.

Gerard Yosca Jewelry's "Stretchy Crystal Bracelet" available at Cusp for $46.


  1. happymother says:

    Great jewelry!! Absolutely my taste!!!

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