Dressing Up Your Tree

Awww, trimming the tree.  It is unquestionably one of the loveliest pre-holiday activities.  There are so many different directions to go with holiday décor: traditional, kitsch, sophisticated or glamorous (just to name a few!).  Everyone has a different idea of the perfect Christmas decor.  Take Lukus and myself.  I love a stylish/ chic Christmas of metallics, matching ornaments and white lights.  On the other hand, Lukus embraces a throwback Christmas with multi-colored lights, red, green, and cornucopia of ornaments.

Regardless of your style there are ornaments out there for you.  Investing in special ones to capture the year, a specific event or person, is a great way to take the décor from the impersonal to the distinctive.  Perhaps they just capture aspects of your personality.  Whatever the case ornaments are a beautiful addition to the holiday.

Here are some fantastic ornaments, whatever your style!

Michael Aram Apple Ornament: Fruit has always been part of holiday decorating.  This apple is both traditional and stylish.  The color and texture would make it a stand out on any tree!

Nordstrom’s Hippo Ornament:  I can’t help but hum “only a hippopotamus will do” when I look at this ornament.  It is the perfect balance of class and kitsch that Lukus loves.

Roost Porcelain Feather Ornament:  This collection of handmade ornaments is both delicate and beautiful.  Not appropriate for a home full of kids, but perfect for a sophisticated tree.

Antiquarian Globe Ornaments:  These globes of a masculine quality to them, perfect for a traditional tree.  The globes have a rich quality to them.  Great for the world traveler!

Crystalline Cockatoo:  Now this bird is glamorous.  This ornament has a wow factor and would work perfect in a celebratory environment.  The bling is not for the faint of heart.

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