Flirting With Burberry Prorsum

It’s December, which means the big fashion houses are unveiling their Pre-Fall 2011 collection.  Pre-Fall collections may not normally attract the same amount of hype of other seasons (as Michael Kors put it, “the name ‘pre-fall’ is so ugly no one wants to acknowledge that these are the clothes you actually put in your closet.”), but some of the shows already have me excited.  Not the least of which is Christopher Bailey’s collection for Burberry Prorsum.

In fact, I am kind of in love.  This is slightly shocking, because normally Burberry Prorsum feels a little too hard for me.  However, this season seems to find a great balance between the feminine and the masculine.  There’s leather belts on soft floor length dresses, suits with a sexy twist, embellished necklines and of course some signature coats.

Alright, I will stop going on and on and show you some photos.  And, if you find yourself as mesmerized as I am you can check out the rest of the collection here.

I love my skinny pants, but I could absolutely add some of these flared slacks to my wardrobe!

This coat is what makes Burberry, well, Burberry....The embellishment is fantastic.

I LOVE this dress.... it is so boho (but not in a frumpy way!) and the leather belt gives it a bit of edge. And those sleeves are so sweet and flirty!

I don't typically find myself attracted to menswear. This suit, with its button detail at the sleeve and the fantastic flared pants, may be the exception to that rule.

This coat is seriously adorable. Who cares what you wear under it-- you'll never take it off!

(photos courtesy of Burberry Prorsum and


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