Football Recap

With College Football coming to a close, so do my football posts.  Don’t fear!  I will be back with special posts when deemed necessary (say Steelers making a playoff run!).  In the mean time, be sure to check out my weekday posts and Sundays’ Wine Of The Week. And if you feel you missed out on a crucial football post this season, please check out the below links.  In the meantime, cheer on the Steelers and Seminoles this weekend- as both teams have major match-ups!

On The Defensive: An explanation of both Zone and Man-to-Man coverage.

Playing Quarterback: A look at the quarterback position.

Many Happy Returns: The importance of the returner with special attention paid to Devin Hester.

Light Up The Scoreboard: How points are scored in Football.

Turnover Treachery: Understanding the dreaded turnover.

Linebackers And Controversy: A closer examination of the big hit controversy, James Harrison and the role of the linebacker.

The NFL is Hexed: 5 of the key curses said to haunt the NFL.

Understanding The Waiver Wire: An explanation of how the waiver wire works and how it pertains to Randy Moss.

Breaking Down The NFL: A look at the conferences and divisions that make up the NFL and the way the schedule is determined.

Reinventing Michael Vick: A look back at Michael Vick’s fall from grace and a look at where he is now.

The Difference In The Details: A closer examination of how the rules in the NFL differ from NCAA football.

50 yard line on football field.

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