Prepping For The New Year

Yesterday, I promised to give you a blow by blow of today’s shopping extravaganza.  Alas, I was the least successful of our shopping troop, walking away with a measly pair of shoes (however, they only set me back $30 dollars!).  Lukus, on the contrary was the big winner, buying two pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans and 2 sweaters!  Well done sir, well done.

However, as we braved the icy streets and the shopping masses I did think about some of my favorite ways to spend the days after Christmas and before NYE.

Shopping bags on store counter, close-up, sale sign in window

Shopping:  Alright, so along with returns, this one is a given.  But seriously, some of the best deals can be had during this time.  For instance, Banana Republic offers 50% off on all already reduced prices until noon on the 26th.  There are several other great deals to be had throughout the rest of the week at several merchants.  Most malls have websites that showcase individual store’s sales –check your local listings J.  And if you are snowed in, don’t forget to check out the deals online!

Brunch With Friends:  This should be a relaxed, no fuss event.  Have your friends show up in their pjs and pick up food from a bakery.  Brew coffee or offer tea.  Sit around and retell your favorite stories from the past year.  Dream about your plans for the next.  This is a time to enjoy your friends with out pressure and expectation (cause let’s be honest, NYE is characterized by pressure and expectation!).

Determine Resolutions:  Let’s be honest, after a night of celebrating on December 31st the idea of buckling down January 1st seems an unlikely goal.  Get started on your New Year’s resolutions now!  Make plans for 2011- clean your place, research gyms, order a few books- whatever is on your list!  This way you can start off the year with a bang and who knows, maybe even achieve some of your resolutions.

Write A Letter To Yourself:  So you don’t keep a journal.  Now is the time to take inventory of the past year.  Highs, lows, and everything in between.  By taking the time to truly assess where you’ve been it’s easier to determine where you are headed next.  It also gives you a chance to see how far you’ve come and what really mattered. Read the letter to yourself in a year from now… seeing how much you change/ grow is a special experience.

Get Outside:  If you are lucky enough to have snow, have a snowball fight!  If you are at the beach, take a walk.  Wherever you are, find a way to spend some time outside. With all the craziness of the season it is easy to get disconnected and forget there’s a great big world out there.  This is a great time to stop nesting and do something active.  Plus, if you ate a fraction of what I consumed, you can afford the exercise.


  1. happymother says:

    I like the idea writing a letter to myself!! By the way, I’m jealous…I love the malls!!!

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