Snuggle Up With Style

Doesn’t this time of year just make you feel all cuddly on the inside?  You want the fire, the hot chocolate, a cozy blanket- anything to escape the cold!  Okay, it’s 70*F/ 21*C here in LA, but I like to pretend.  So much so, that I have the secret desire to spend the day in bed reading.  This feeling is only exacerbated since receiving the gorgeously soft sheets from my friend Ken at Valley Forge (no, he didn’t ask me to say that! It’s just the amazingly honest truth!!).  In all honestly there are some holes in the décor of Lukus’ and my bedroom- for instance:  we don’t have a bed.  No, the mattress isn’t on the floor!! There is a bed frame!!! Just, it’s a plain old metal frame because I can’t afford the beds that I really LOVE.

Fortunately, a girl can dream (yes, I went for the cheap pun).  And as a result I have collected some charming beds perfect for my new sheets!  Enjoy!!

Portica Canopy Bed From Room & Board. Sleek and sophisticated, this bed is perfect for the urbanite.

Horchow Platinum Tufted Bed. The classic sleigh bed paired with the rich tufting creates a bed that feels both luxe and decadent.

Hushed Hours Bed available at Anthropologie. This bed works both in a Peter Pan style nursery as well as an industrial loft space.

Z Gallerie's Bodega Bed. Despite the clean lines, there is a rustic element to this masculine bed.

The Sophia Bed at Layla Grayce. This antique french bed with is floral details is quintessential femininity.

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