Uncommon Trees

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to hunt down a Christmas tree for our place.  Lukus may die a slow death, but we are going to have an artificial tree.  Our landlord values the hardwood floors more than our lives, so I don’t want to disappoint (I have images of the tree stand scratching the floor, the stand springing a leak and causing water damage…. I can go on…).  Unfortunately, my hunt has been futile thus far.

There has been one positive outcome of the hours spent driving around looking for the perfect 6-foot imitation evergreen.  It has inspired this post!  Believe it or not, everyone is not looking for the classic tree.  And after having seen some of the options on the market, I got to admit, I might be looking for something a bit more unusual next year.

Check out some of the alternatives that have a ton of wow factor before a single light is strung!

This image (courtesy of Blueprint magazine) elicited giggles from me the moment I saw it.  It is available on Amazon and is perfect for someone who doesn’t take themselves to seriously.

Perfect for the home that is limited on space, but big on style.  This 4-foot tall wooden tree from Horchow is accented with just a bit of glitter.  Just enough to ensure it is the center of your holiday decor- without detracting from the rest of your home.

I am obsessed with this tree.  This one will be mine next year!  It is smart and stylish and funny– all that in a single tree!  The key here is to get a tree that touches the ceiling.  That way it is almost as though the tree is growing out of it.  This image is originally courtesy of Sam’s Club, but the tree is available at multiple online purveyors.

This wall decal from Alphabet Garden Designs has two main audiences:  those with limited space and those who are interested in a more understated holiday.  Either way, I love the abstract nature of this tree.

This Christmas Tree from Tannenboing takes the classic childhood slinky and turns it into a seasonally perfect sculpture.  The simple clean lines, the storage-friendly design?  It’s going to be a very merry Christmas in minimalist and modernist homes throughout the world!


  1. happymother says:

    During our time in Italy we had an artificial tree with real candles…after 8 years I’m happy to smell the real christmas tree with real candles!

  2. Don’t even talk to me unless the words “real” and “Christmas tree” are in the sentence!!!

  3. I love my old pipecleaner tree with pre-lit braches. Think about all the trees we would save each year plus my friends think its a real tree !!! Homegoods has amazing values plus you can buy some scent so no one but you will know you are doing good for the planet !!

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