What I Learned This Winter

Lukus and I spent our “Winter Break” with my family in Atlanta.  It is nice to kick back with family and do the traditional Christmas, complete with gifts from Santa!  Last night, Lukus and I talked about our favorite memories of the trip.  It’s interesting that no matter how many times we visit the experience is always new.  Kind of the idea that you can never go home again, or at least not exactly the way you remember it.  That got me thinking about the things I learned on my trip to the South and I thought I would share some of them.

Tea is at 4pm SHARP:  We were invited to tea one afternoon with our very entertaining South African neighbors.  Whenever we visit with them there is sure to be laughter and great story telling.  They have a beautiful home, a wonderful family and a great deal of wit.  Plus, the tea, sconces and pavlova were all fantastic.    Most importantly I learned a valuable lesson: real tea is always at 4pm.

Snowball Fights Don’t Require Much Snow:  Atlanta had is first White Christmas since 1882.  Now it wasn’t anything massive, but it was beautiful.  Lukus and I went out in the night and had a mini snowball fight- despite the fact there was no more than an inch on the ground.  Lukus grew up on Long Island, so he has more snow experience than me and according to him, as long as the snow is wet (not powder) snowball is possible.

Georgia is Beautiful:  No, I am not talking about the state (although it can be great as well), but the country.  One of my friends is originally from Georgia (actually his name is George, he is from Georgia and he moved to Georgia!! Hahah, too funny) and last night he brought over a book full of photos of Georgia.  I was simply blown away by it.  It is a country so rich in history and beautiful terrains.  I never knew!

Filets are Available Bone-In:  I admit it, I am a steak lover.  I actually used to be a vegetarian, but clearly, that life didn’t work out for me.  Back to the filet.  I have tried just about every cut of steak.  Typically filets are extremely tender, but not necessarily the most flavorful cut.  However, somehow the addition of the bone made this steak one of the best I’ve ever had.

Update Your Trivial Pursuit:  This is one of my favorite games.  However, after playing once with Lukus it became painfully clear that my parents’ version was more than slightly outdated.  As a point of reference, one of the questions was “What is the former name of Zaire?’  Ummm…. Well, it isn’t called Zaire any longer either!!!  This game is a blast, but if your version is from before the collapse of the Soviet Union it may be time to trade it in for a newer model.

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