What’s Underfoot

I want to give you guys a break from my Christmas mania to share a home décor project with you.  Now this is NOT something I have done myself, but something I have wanted to try since the May 2009 issue of Elle Décor.  What could capture my interest for this long?  Well, check out this photo and take a guess:

Elle Decor, May 2009. Photo by Simon Upton.

No, I am not planning to reupholster a vintage chair— that’s way beyond my skill set.  Instead, I am loving the idea of painting a rug.  That’s right, this rug was purchased white and was then painted by the homeowner.

I think the key to doing something like this is having a plan.  Don’t purchase the rug and immediately take a paintbrush to it.  Instead, come up with a design that you can create a stencil for or free hand.  Be sure to use dyes or paints specific for fabrics and a rug with a tight knit or short pile.  Consider tracing the design at first.  And of course, be adventurous!  This project is going to create a unique piece of design.  Take the opportunity to make something you couldn’t pick up at any old home store.

Good LUCK!  And if you are courageous enough to take on this venture, please share before and after photos with me!

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