Wine Of The Week (10)

David, our beloved sommelier, has thrown us a bit of a curve ball for this Wine of The Week.  Instead of something festive and cheerful the wine he picked has a name, an appearance and a description of something wildly frightening.  What can I say, that’s David for you.

The wine is Owen Roe 2009 “Sinister Hand” Columbia Valley, Red Wine Blend.  The label sends chills down my back.  It is literally a severed hand.  Ewwww.  According to the Owen Roe website the label is “the family crest depiction of a severed left hand [which] tells the story of a rowing competition among the O’Neill’s & the O’Reilly’s (Owen Roe was an ONeill). Whoever touched land first after rowing across the lake was rewarded with the land he touched. Lagging behind, one of the kinsfolk grabs his sword to cleave his hand and pitches it ashore to touch land first. He won the land and eventually ruled over it as king.”

As for the wine?  David describes the flavor as, “Dark rich fruit, pepper.  It’s an angry wine.  It wants you to remember it.  The finish is one of the longest lasting ones I’ve had in recent memory.”  With a description like that I am slightly intimidated.  However with a price tag under $20 this is a risk I may be willing to take!

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