Wine Of The Week (12)

Merry “Alexis’-favorite-shopping-day-of-the year”!!!  Today is the day I storm the mall looking for the greatest shopping deals and then proudly skip home with the spoils.  More on that tomorrow (assuming there isn’t too much ice on the ground and I actually make it to my sales)…  For now, let’s focus on the important stuff.  Like, what are you going to drink at your swanky New Year’s Eve party?  What?!  You haven’t thought about it?!  Don’t worry… NoH (and our beloved sommelier David) is here with the perfect festive bottle.

The Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé Champagne (NV) is your ticket to pink, bubbly happiness.  David claims it as his “hands down favorite semi moderately priced rose,” averaging $80 a bottle.  How does it compare to the Krug (which costs around $270)?  Well, according to David, the Billecart-Salmon “is a 66 Mustang Fastback, where as the Krug is more of a Bentley.  The Billecart-Salmon is a bit more rugged and in your face.  This is a great celebration bottle with NYE right around the corner.”  Plus at a price like this you can afford to pick up a few extra bottles and to keep the party going!


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