Wreaths With Edge

Yesterday I shared some of the holiday elements Lukus and I have introduced into our home.  One of the projects I haven’t had the opportunity to create is a white light wreath.  The project is simple.  Begin with a cutout cardboard ring.  If possible use sturdy white poster board or paint the cardboard white.  From there wind a string of lights around the ring.  Adding more light to acquire the desire light density.  And voila!  Simple!

While I am not a year-round wreath kind of girl (they tend to feel a little too country for my taste), I like the idea of hanging wreaths during the holiday season.  I especially like wreaths of unexpected mediums.  A wreath of traditional greenery is just that- traditional.  However, use something else and suddenly a wreath becomes a piece of art.  The best part about it, “something else” can be absolutely anything!

Check out these wreaths for a little holiday inspiration (click on the photos for additional info):

An angelic wreath of white feathers from "Home Made Simple."

Who said ornaments are only meant for the tree? Photo from MarthaStewart.com

This wreath project from "Country Living" adds a personal touch to the wreath.

This moss ball wreath from "West Elm" is a twist on traditional holiday greenery.

I love this wreath! From "Z Gallerie," it is the only wreath I would possibly consider hanging year round!

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