2011: Under Construction

I am a big fan of Heather Clawson’s blog Habitually Chic.  She always shares beautiful images and has great stories.  When I find myself without anything to write (yes, I am sometimes speechless!) her blog is one that I look to for inspiration.  Yesterday she posted on her goals for 2011.  It was then that it hit me: I was making such a huge effort to hit the ground running in 2011 that I didn’t really know where I was running to!  So here I am, with my own list of goals for 2011.  And like Heather, I am going with an “I will” mantra.  I think it is important to note, these are my goals today, but life will throw curve balls and I am ready to role with them.

2011 is under construction!!!

~Alexis’s Goals For 2011~

I will grow North On Harper: I started NoH about 3 ½ months ago.  If you have been following along, thank you!  My goal is to develop my loyal readership.  I would like it to gain exposure and be recognized by other blogs within this niche.

I will capitalize on my creativity: Right now creativity is a piece of my job, but I want it to become the star.  Be it via North On Harper, or another avenue, I am ready to feel inspired and artistic while earning a check.

I will have more parties: I will have get-togethers without needing a massive reason and when I do I will relax.  My focus will not be on red wine spills or having 30 million items on the menu.  My friends will still love me even if I don’t spend weeks planning out every single detail!

I will write more: Over the last few months I have discovered a real love for writing and I want to keep it up!  So for this year I will go after as many writing opportunities as I can.

I will take more risks: I have a tendency to get into ruts.  I mean, if something works why mess with it?!  This year I am going to take more chances with my fashion, with my apartment and with the activities I partake in.  Even if these things are new, scary and something I probably wouldn’t like.

What about you?  What are your goals for 2011?  What will you do in 2011?

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