A Night At Home

We spent last night out and about (watching the Auburn v. Oregon game… nice going Auburn!) leaving me worn out today.  Needless to say, Lukus and I plan to spend this evening close to home.  As in on the couch.  Perhaps we’ll include the occasional trip to the kitchen for sustenance, but definitely a stay at home evening.  Lukus and I have an arsenal of shows we record and our beloved Netflix subscription, but sometimes we’ve got to branch and find some other stay at home activities.  Things that really take advantage of spending quality time with one another.

Here is a list of some stay at home activities perfect for date night:

Play Board Games: I know. I’ve talked about my love of board games before.  But seriously, they promote togetherness and laughter.  Rely on little to no technology.  And of course there is the competition aspect to keep things fun!  Lately we have been on a Trivial Pursuit kick.  Although I am dominating the series and I think Lukus may be approaching his losing threshold.

Make Dinner Together: Find a new recipe and try it out!  It can be something fancy or comfort food.  Multi-course or a one-pot wonder.  The important thing is that you do it together.  It is a great way to expand your cooking repertoire.  Once you finish, enjoy your creation!  Then clean up together.  A truly fulfilling evening!

Read Aloud: A book, a magazine, a newspaper… whatever.  Remember when you were a child and your parent would read to you?!  How great was that!  You can relive it by taking turns reading aloud.  This is a great thought provoking activity, perfect for prompting conversation.

Daydream About What’s To Come: Another great way to encourage thoughtful conversation is to talk about the future.  Focus on the big “ifs” in your life and then let them run wild.  Don’t limit yourself, but imagine futures.  This is a great way to increase intimacy with one another.

Listen To Forgotten CDs (or -gasp- tapes):  Bust out your favorite tunes from high school and listen to them with the volume turned up.  You’ll laugh at the trip down memory lane and perhaps your partner’s previous musical purchases.  Whether you went threw a gangster rap phase or had a thing for country, listen to the songs and share the stories that go with them.


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