Beautiful Beets

Beets are one of those divisive things.  Like politics.  No, but seriously, people seem to either love beets or hate them.  I am a proud lover.  And frankly, I tend to think that the people who claim to hate them have either never tried them or only eaten them out of the can.  Along with achieving world peace it is my goal to reintroduce people to beets.  And win them over, one palate at a time.

Okay, so maybe this is an exaggeration.  But seriously, beets are amazing.  And too often they don’t get enough love and support.  First off, they are insanely healthy- rich in vitamins & minerals, low calorie, they protect against heart disease and colon cancer and the entire vegetable can be eaten.  None of this matters, though- if they weren’t delicious.  Fortunately they are!

rainbow beets

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of these amazing recipes. Already a believer?  Share some of your favorites in the comment section!!

Beet, Citrus & Avocado Salad:  Alright, I admit it.  I live in Southern California and we add Avocado to EVERYTHING.  But rightfully so, because they are amazing.  But it is the beet that really shines in the salad of bright flavors.  Perfect to chase the winter blues away.

Golden Beets Soup with White Truffle Oil:  Typically when you think of a beet soup it is clunky, heavy Borscht.  And don’t get me wrong.  I love Borscht.  However, I want to remind people that beets can be elegant too!  With the soup consider using an immersion blender to get an extra silky texture.

Roasted Beets and Sautéed Beet Greens:  I love roasted beets because the flavor is really rustic.  I think it is a great way to introduce beets into your diet.  Best part?  It takes advantage of the whole beet- from the root to the stems- a great way to eliminate food waste!

Beet Chips:  Who doesn’t love chips?  These are baked, so no guilt!  Honest, simple beets.  This is an easy, healthy snack to serve- be it as a side to your sandwich or for a group on game day.  Use different types of beets for a beautiful colorful presentation.

Beet and Beet Green Risotto with Horseradish:  This is another dish where the whole beet is utilized.  I like it because it is a true vegetarian entrée. Beet is the star, but the horseradish gives it a nice kick.  It is a great balance between elegance and comfort.

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