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“Wine Of The Week” is on hiatus this week as our beloved sommelier is slammed with other things.  I considered writing it on my own, but I felt that the post would be lacking something without his credible knowledge and witty descriptions.

Instead I am going to share another alcoholic beverage with you- one much more appropriate as the Superbowl approaches.  Now, in case you’ve never spent time with me or have never read my football posts, allow me to let you in on something: I am a fanatical STEELERS fan.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the photo below:

(My parents are probably reading this and walking a thin line between exceptionally proud and extremely embarrassed.  Lukus has settled on embarrassed and no longer allows me to watch Steelers’ games in public.)

Well in Steelers tradition and in honor of all things from the ‘Burgh (including my mother and my parents meeting & subsequent marriage) I bring you “Beer Of The Week: Iron City Beer.”

For those of you who have never known this Pittsburgh staple, allow me to begin by giving you a little history.  A German immigrant named Edward Frauenheim first brewed the beer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1861.  Among its claims to fame, Iron City Brewing Company brewed the first American lager and the first true light beer.  Iron City Beer, like the city that bore it, is a survivor and was able to survive Prohibition, bankruptcy and a slew of other issues.  It is essential part of Pittsburgh culture and the beer of the Steelers’ Nation.

Iron City beer Steelers tribute cans

Iron City Beer Steelers memorial can. Image via Flickr user NJ Baseball.

So, what does it taste like?  Hmmmmm.  Gosh.  Did I mention the cultural and historical significance?  I did?  Well, isn’t that enough?  Hmmm. Okay, well, it has a light body, very little hops… some say it has a corn-like flavor to it…  but, with Iron City it really isn’t about the flavor (thankfully).  Let’s just call it a Pittsburgh treasure and leave it at that!



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