Musical Emancipation

Alright, we (me and you, the readers of NoH) are at that point in our relationship where its time I share intimate details about myself.  Ready?  Okay.  When I am upset, or stressed, or elated, or whatever I throw myself a mini dance party.  I put a song on blast, I sing, I dance and I do this on repeat until my outlook changes or I collapse of exhaustion- whichever comes first.

Now, don’t go judging and acting all high and mighty!  I KNOW I am not the only one to have ever done this.  At the very least characters Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey do it on Grey’s Anatomy (and don’t you dare think of judging me for watching this show- you KNOW I am not the only one!).

Whatever you now think of me… Here are five of my favorite songs to act like a fool to.  Yes they are all girl singers and I am attributing that to my being a girl and I am totally okay with it.  And don’t knock it until you try it, you just might find it wildly cathartic.

“I Feel It All” Feist:  Seriously, do I need to even explain myself?!  Doesn’t the title say it all?  I have my girl Chelsea to thank for this one.  And perhaps my favorite memory involves driving with her, and Jessica (of NoH’s Dress To Impress post) and my friend Katie down Sunset Blvd. and screaming the song on the top of our lungs.  Perfection!

“Sunday Morning” No Doubt:  This one has been on the list, for basically as long as I can remember.  It is actually the original “dance until I drop” jam.  And with good reason, while No Doubt is full of boys, Gwen Stefani is all about the girl power (Hello, “Just A Girl”) and frankly sometimes power is exactly what a girl needs.

“White Houses” Vanessa Carlton: Okay, I am actually not a huge Vanessa Carlton fan, but there is something about this song.  I think it is the piano.  That and the vulnerability in the lyrics.  Whatever it is, I listen to it on FULL BLAST, and sing equally loud- I just make sure the windows are shut and the blinds are drawn.  After all, I am way to cool for pop music. 😉

“Foundations” Kate Nash:  This is the “I am so mad at a boy” song.  Granted now that I am married I only get mad at one boy, and somehow this song doesn’t really apply to him…  which is good, because you don’t want cracked foundation in a marriage!  But I still like to sing it when I am ultra agitated. (It happens to the best of us!)

“Dog Days Are Over” Florence + The Machine: This is the latest addition to the list of venting songs.  And it is amazing!  Don’t believe me?  Have you seen the little boy dancing? (If you haven’t, do it now below) Seriously, I think if you put on this song during some blow out crazy drama and just start dancing it will diffuse the situation immediately.


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