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After the massive amounts of cooking over the last few weeks, I can’t help but spend time imagining my dream kitchen.  Honestly, the kitchen in my apartment is my least favorite element.  Not enough cabinetry (and way too country), blah countertops (too little space), small sink and appliances, no backsplash.  Needless to say, I am craving bigger and better things.

So, like any cooking and interiors fanatic (which makes me sound like Martha Stewart and if you know me you are laughing at even the suggestion of the two of us having anything in common), I spend way to much time dreaming about my ideal kitchen.  Granted, there are still details to work out (what kind of appliances do I want, built-in, stainless, some sort of oil rub) and the pesky matters of currently being a renter and in no way having the budget necessary for such a kitchen, but as always, a girl can dream.

With all that in mind, I present to you, Alexis’ dream kitchen:

Image from “House Beautiful.”  Photo by Victoria Pearson.

I love the cabinets in this image.  I am all about a bright white kitchen.  Simple shaker cabinets (they’re perennial), some with glass fronts.  I am very organized and I loved my china/ glassware/ etc. so I am all about showing it off (even if I am the only one who sees it!).

Image from Laura Liess’ “Pure Style Home” blog.

Concrete countertops.  Not Granite. Concrete.  Sigh.  I love them.  I think they are both industrial and sophisticated.  And it takes my dream kitchen out of the country and into the city.  While concrete countertops can be dyed, I want the traditional grey color.  Oh and in case you are wondering, yes these counters are extremely durable.

Photo from the blog “Cote de Texas.”

Ok, maybe I do like a touch of country, because this farmhouse sink makes my heart skip a beat.  Although, I am not sure how resilient it is (I am tough on everything), so maybe a stainless steel version would be better.  I have gotta look into that.  In the meantime, notice my other beloved detail, the giant single basin.

Image from the photo library on “Decor Pad.”

Now, the classic element.  The beautiful Carrara marble subway tiles.  This is the ultimate backsplash.  I sometimes find myself admiring other styles, but I always come back to these.  They are classic.  Timeless. Elegant.  Whenever I am sad I look at these tiles and *poof* I am happy again.  Okay, maybe it doesn’t work quite like that, but they are fabulous.

(For additional information about the photos, click on the image.)


  1. happymother says:

    Love your taste!!!

  2. Justin Stark says:

    What??? Concrete Countertops… I had no idea really cool idea thanks for the heads up!

  3. I was really into your ideas! I looked up concrete countertops, and they are really cool! The one thing i noticed was that they are apparently more porous and thus more susceptible to staining- food for thought! But they are seriously awesome looking!
    Also, we have a white sink (same color and material as the one you displayed- but minus the fabulous single basin), and I would do ANYTHING to change it to stainless steel- because if one crumb lands on the surface, it stands out like a sour thumb! But if it were a single basin, as you displayed, I probably wouldnt change’d be worth the difficult cleaning task :)
    Great Blog!!

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