Take A Seat

We are still in full swing of Lukus’ birthday week celebrations.  Tonight we had dinner at another friend’s home.  It was delicious; the company was lovely- another successful night!  But with all of the dinner fêtes and my personal obsession with design, I can’t help but think about the bounty of beautiful and comfortable dining chairs on the market.  I am seriously slightly obsessed.  It took Lukus and I forever to find our perfect dining chairs.  I am talking like 6 months and then another 5 to actually be able to afford them all.  We opted to mix and match chairs (I like to think it’s because we don’t take ourselves too serious).

Here’s our living room:

At our dining table we used both a classic tufted upholstered chair (from ZGallerie) and the modern clear acrylic chair with a chrome frame (from CB2) .  I like that this look is eclectic.  Also it keeps the room looking light and unexpected.

However, my chairs are by no means the only way to go.  I mean if it was up to me we would have 5 or six dining rooms, just so I can decorate them with varying looks.  Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but there are a ton of different great design options available- regardless of your style.

Here are some of the standouts, maybe these will inspire your dining area:

For those who love traditional elegance, the Louis XVI Chair. Available on Wisteria.com ($279).

This classic aluminum dining chair was originally designed for the US Navy. Today you can get it from "Room & Board" ($440).

Got a house full of kids, or maybe just a bit of a messy eater yourself? Than the slipcover chair is perfect for you. (ZGallerie $299)

Looking for a mid-century twist on an upholstered chair? This chair from CB2 ($149) may be just the ticket.

If you are the fan of British Colonialism this chair is it. It is the epitome of the classic meeting the exotic and it available at "Williams Sonoma Home" ($650).

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